About the Author

My name is Alex. I am currently going to school for nursing. Besides food and photography, helping others is one of my passions. I want to be a nurse because I want to make a difference in other people lives. I really love babies and I want to work as a neonatal nurse once I am done with school. I currently work at a children’s hospital as a nursing assistant and I love it!

I am challenging myself to live a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook so I am going to try to make healthier variations of the things I make. I also love photography. I would love to take some photography classes but right now with nursing school I am unable to do that. I will just post my photos of meals, myself, family, friends and my puppy MAISY!!

I am married to my wonderful husband Scott.He loves eatinis 9 months old. 6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 435

He loves eating almost everything that I make. Scott and I have a puppy. Her name is Maisy and she is 9 months old. 

Maisy's First Christmas

Maisy’s First Christmas



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