The Beginning

The Challenge

I am challenging myself to create a healthy lifestyle! I love to cook, I make recipes up and I also follow recipes. I also love photography. I will challenge myself to capture my meals in photos and post them to this blog. Years ago before college I used to love exercise. I am challenging myself to love exercise again. I have joined a gym and I am going to go! I really want to eat healthy, exercise and enjoy my favorite hobby photography!


Part of breakfast today was created based on a recipe I found on pinterest. The other day I made Egg Muffins. I followed the recipe that I found but added venison bacon, canadian bacon, turkey sausage and red pepper in addition to what the recipe calls for. They turned out delicious. I put the leftover muffins in the fridge and I just warmed one up this morning in the microwave for 20 seconds. It is a great on the go breakfast. Image

I also had a Blueberry Bagel Thin with low fat strawberry cream cheese. It was a wonderful breakfast. 


Lunch was inspired by my love for quesadillas. Image

While I was eating my lunch that was when I decided that I needed to take a picture and post it somewhere. 

When I make quesadillas I like to start with a healthy whole wheat low carb tortilla. I try to find a tortilla that has no more then 80 calories. I found some delicious low cal tortillas at Target! I topped my tortilla with a little shredded low fat mexican blend cheese, taco meat (I had left over from making tacos a few days ago), chopped red pepper and onion. I heat my quesadilla up in a frying pan that was sprayed with nonstick spray. I like to try to use nonstick spray as a substitute for butter. It works great when making quesadillas. Once my quesadilla was done I topped it with a thin layer of low fat sour cream, chopped spinach, diced tomato and taco sauce. It was so delicious and filling. 

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